Solutions Masques : Masques transparents et réutilisable

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10 protective masks with transparent window with nose bar and elastic adjusters washable 50 times. These masks are category 1 - UNS1 and meet the specific criteria for window masks offered by the DGA. The window has an anti-fog coating resistant to 50 washes. Adult size

Window masks are ideal for people who are deaf, hard of hearing and in professional settings in contact with the public. They allow communication of facial expressions, lip movements and smiles.


  • Made in France
  • Materials: Layer 1: 100% polypropylene 70g / m². Layer 2: 100% polypropylene 70g / m². Window: anti-fog PET.
  • Nasal bar
  • Elastic ties with adjusters
  • Dimensions: 20 x 7cm
  • Colors: White
  • Duration of use : 4 hours
  • Use : resistant to 50 washes

Certification and performance result

IFTH 21-00068 of 01/14/2021: Respects the specific criteria for window masks proposed by the DGA in agreement with the GDS, DGT and ANSM following the inter-ministerial note of March 29 and revised on April 26.

Permeability to regulatory air> 96 L.m².S. 1 for a depression of 100 Pa: compliant measured at> 806. Protection effectiveness against aerosols with 3µm particles: 95% compliant. Result: Category 1 mask


Washing temperature: 60 ° C - Reduced mechanical action - Rinsing at decreasing temperature Spin reduced to 600 rpm maximum - Use normal detergent not containing bleach - Do not add softener - DURATION: MAXIMUM 30 min. (It is advisable to wash by mixing it with other items to avoid significant friction on the drum accentuating premature wear and to use a washing net).
Be sure to use soap and water to clean the inside of the visor.
Do not use hydroalcoholic gel.
Chlorine prohibited - COVID-19 INSTRUCTIONS (bleach, etc.) or products containing oxygen bleaching agents.
Allow to dry in the open air.
Do not iron.