Solutions Masques : Masques transparents et réutilisables


Lightweight, very comfortable, this protection's mask is ideal. It is easily installed, like a pair of glasses, on the nose and the mouth with branches available in several colors (transparent, blue, black, red, green), for the greatest comfort of all.

You can wear your glasses with the AllegraMask® without having fogging.

This mask is totally inclusivebecause it facilitates communication with people who are deaf, who rely on lip reading. 

The AllegraMask® responds to a need of our society, such as seeing a smile, the reassuring aspect of seeing a face or quite simply keeping the social link.

Designed by and for users, it also allows facial recognition the latest mobile phones and tablets. No need to lower your mask to make a call.

The AllegraMask® PLUS benefits from a Anti-fog coating and treatment scratch resistant

✔ Polycarbonate coating

✔ Interchangeable temple in different colors

✔ Anti-fog coating

✔ Anti-scratch coating

✔ Nasal pad (polyolefin)

✔ Mask attachments 

✔ Single box packaging

✔ Instruction leaflet


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